H2 Learning – e-Learning Services and Consultancy Organisation


H2 Learning offers e-learning services, resources and advice to our partners and clients – teachers, principals, policy-makers & learners – across all levels of education on how to use ICT in education.

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What we do

  • We offer consultancy in the use of ICT for learning.
  • We lead European projects focused on integrating ICT into curricula.
  • We supply e-learning services to education and training.

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Why partner with us?

Across the world, education systems are being re-designed to arm students for the 21st century. At H2 Learning, we recognise that teachers are the key to this redesign.


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Recent Projects

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Education, Erasmus +, Teaching and Learning
Digital Pathways
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Oireachtas Education Programme
Assessment, Erasmus +
ATS 2020
21st Century Learning Design (21CLD)
Education, Erasmus +